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b.b.e ( aka yung e$kobar ) – freestyle lyrics


on my grind from the bottom, i ain’t look up yet
these n-ggas think sh-t sweet, till they walk in the stress everyday i got my 9, cause n-ggas bleed for a check
can’t trust to many n-ggas, u dont lead u get left
ever since i was a youngin i was lookin for steps
trying find my way to heaven, ended up in the jects
but i never stopped dreaming for the love of success
most days was nightmares, better duck or get wet
b-tchs selling that p-ssy, and be f-cking ya set
photo shopin , instagramin looking fleek for the net
200 million dollar question, where the loyal ones at
can’t answer already know they as fake as it gets
you can tell she a thot , if she deep throat the d-ck
i take fantansy drafts , cause a virgin the sh-t
and im starting to get mad , cause the love dont exsist
only thots n fake n-ggas be enjoying this sh-t
a n-gga stopped smoking weed, filt my cup wit da drank
cause alot of real n-ggas might be going extinct
if i make it out the hood , buy my city a rink
for the young boys n girls, can free there minds and escape
dont wanna see u in the pen, all jammed up in the sp-ce
built the world just to break us down, gotta use faith
put the world on ya shoulders , get the flexin like weights ( im out )