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b o b – b is for b.o.b lyrics


“b is for b.o.b”

ahhh, man look
check it out
i step into the place like so
feelin’ real calm cool collected and composed
she lookin’ like “n-gg-, whatcha here fo’?”
i’m like, “don’t be actin’ like i don’t be givin that doe.”
that thing that you need
that thing that you know
if we was at sea i would not be a boat
cause i would go deep

yes down deeper low
right next to the p like l m n o
there is no expression
no word or phrase i know
that would accurately describe
the way i feel the most
’bout them curve and the thighs
you know i like the most
and if i ever were to t-try to quit i’d just keep goin’
cause just like clarence carter baby (i be strokin’)
and you like, “oh my god”, i got you soundin’ holy
i got a s-s-surprise. yeah that right there is golden
so hold it
cause this is my job like it ain’t n-body’s business
tell me whose is this?

yeah yeah real dirty real gritty

and you know we like move
in the bedroom like boom-ba-boom-boom

now we change up the tune
now we got a new one rockin’ in ooohn
i think it’s noon and we still ain’t through
while she in the zone i be up in that poon

and it’s just so nasty
that’s why the s-x is so d-mn fantastic
trashy, trashy

you ain’t gotta ask me
kids close your ears cause this right here is graphic
then we sit down and we brown on that cali-cali
like we in atlanta in the caddy
i am not a father but she calls me “daddy”
now my confidence feels awfully fantastic

and that’s why she the cooter club captian
cause like this beat she cla-cla-cla-clappin’