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b o b – starship stobelite lyrics


starship stobelite

{hood rich b-tch, b. rich}
ay b.o.b my n-gg-, you wanna take these n-gg-z out of the galaxy?
some straight 2029 type sh-t?
c’mon man (m, l, k) let’s take a ride

i’ma rock you out this world
take you on a voyage, in my starship
(yes in my starship!) in my starship
{ha ha ha ha ha ha}
when the walls start tumblin down (tumblin down)
we can travel to the moon
and where the stars live (where the stars live baby)
in my starship (ha!) 32 billion light years away
strobelite, two drinks in my hand
i’m feelin sooo, right, and my joint gon’ ride
you lookin sooo, tight, we’ll find out when i take off
yo’ clothes tonight, 32 billion light years away

yes i’m quite an eccentric individual
came from another dimension, i ain’t kiddin you
i, came in a starship vehicle
sent on a mission to evolve yo’ serial
player, so don’t sleep on me
it’s not my intention to sound like 3-thousand
but it’s so easy to see
that we probably just came from the same galaxy
eh-heh! shout out to all my aliens
we come in peace, it’s so evident
if she ain’t with it then ye just irrelevant
light years away i’m better than edison
or jefferson’s ever been
i spit it out, you just digested it
livin where the jetsons live
i’m an extra-terrestrian


landed at the party, and i don’t know where to park at
where do i keep my starship? 32 billion light years away
my style is amazin, with my star trek shades on
where did i get my shades from? 32 billion light years away
i’m about to blow you away – please stand back
i’m about to blow this to sp-ce – like a cadillac
makin ’em flip like an acrobat, stackin my cheese like a pack of rats
where did i get the zoom saturns at? 32 billion light years away


[instrumental break]