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b1g $wag – lol swag life lyrics


big swaaaaaag
you alright? (you alright?)
i’m alright (ok)
i+i am quite alright
and my money’s right, yeah (and my money is right, yeah)
playin jenga and like the blocks they be fallin’ over
playin jenga and like the blocks they be fallin’ over

yuh, i kinda care if you cryyyy
okay so what if i lieeeed (lieeed)
should’ve saw the way she gauged my eyes (ow ow)
she said “guacamole lemon thyme” (deep)
push me to the ledge
who’s your favorite friend
if it’s ross then i’m dead (bih)
could i get some head (unless?)
you left me on read (dang)
now i wouldn’t give you bread (no)
don’t look off the ledge (whoa)

[verse 1]
blood yeah it’s red (red)
but some cells be white (yuh)
it ain’t winter we can’t ride sleds now
still a no about that head? (wow)
ok i guess you mad
i’m really a clown now
everybody got the same swag now
except this kinda swag yow (big swag!)
playin jenga but i really suck
cause all my blocks be fallin over
every time that you leave your spot
your family is like “you spreadin the roner”
yo, what’s your favorite treaty?
you said the one about agriculture (huh?)
i say you insane yeah
versailles all the way yeah (let’s go)
(wait for it)
xanny ares no good mane
except it makes people funny in class maybe
i’m not really that committed to watching this show ok
hol up it’s a hypebeast show? (hypebeast?) time to watch closely
(yuh) you made us lose in fortniiiite (oh?)
so yeah i’m gonna cryyyyy (wah)
i didn’t get the john wick skin in tiiiime
she said “you stupid what’s 10+9” (you stupid)
push bees to the hedge
so they pollinate again
who’s your favorite friend
in the hit show friends
i am not well+read (nah)
didn’t read the dictonary yet (nope)
don’t look off the ledge (whoa)
[verse 2]
that is not your swag i swear you faking (ooh)
i started bakin and now you want this cake now (whoa)
radar, the worst alarm, radar (wack)
made somethin’, it’s for everyone now you can take (cake)
racing is in my blood i’m a proud racist
like fast car, nascar, let’s race on (skrrrt)
eat the booty like groceries, can you even hit c notes (laaaa)
yuh, you is not a g though
i mean a gamer you played candy crush you a zero (wow…)
so you cannot join the discord and meet the egirl (simp!)

she say
you’re the worst, you’re the worst
i say have you watched steven universe

huh, oh shoot it’s already midniiiight (it’s late!)
i was gaming so loooong this ain’t riiight (it’s not)
i say sometimes i don’t feel i can rhyme (i can’t!)
she said “anywhere you go get free wifi” (anywhere you go)
have you seen over the hedge
to be honest i haven’t yet
who’s your favorite friend
in the hit show friends
lettuce get this bread
thoughts on giving head? yuh
no? i’m upset yuh (i’m upset!)
so no head?