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baby k – friends with benefits lyrics


i don’t reall know how to tell you this
but i don’t wanna be your man

(chorus) 2x

girly i aint got no time
to be your man
but we could play together
the best of friends
don’t act like
you not in to it
we can be friends wit benefits
f.r.i.e.n.d.s b.e.n.e. an it fits

it’s not a game girl
you know what my name girl
and a lame girl could never be my main girl
so when i seen that
i said let me hit that
and in you lap
is where i want my head at
gimmie cheeks like smile
to the beat the girls gone wild
not politics
you got my vote
don’t wanna be you man
friends stay together longer doe
and we to cool i don’t
want that drama doe
d-mn i gotta give
daps to yo father yo
cuz you cool as sh-t
not no b-tch
good at-tude nice hair
and it’s
beter that we not together
cause friends like that
make the whole world better
so what you wait for
come get up on it
you know we friends
wit bennys and it fit


i got my sp-ce
you got it to
you killing em
yeah me to
you ani’t gotta worry
bout me being all on you
cause the life i lead
make it so i can’t be with you
but the days go by i can’t
wait to be wit you
our little secret cause that’s what
grown ups do
don’t tell you girl friends
and i won’t tell my boahs
where gonna go
my place or yours

f.r.i.e.n.d.s b.e.n.e. an it fits