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babytron – goat talk lyrics


(oh sh-t)

[verse 1]
zip yo lips when the goat speaking
can’t believe you cuffed her -ss, she was so easy
rather play a fubu fit off some old yeezys
hit a b-tch in la she thought i was ohgeesy
ran the check up all night like the light (?)
f-ck what ever time you on b-tch its my time
you against us? dummy why try
block him then go mia like i’m whiteside
everybody throat getting stepped on
walk out the bank stan yelling yes tron
straight -ss trip f-ck is a rest stop
you vs the glock gon result with a headshot
if yo grandma credit good she getting robbed
bro walking around sticked up like a shishkabob
if he hit you that’s a first cl-ss trip to god
stop asking me for the sauce go and get a job
they said they want the vintage tron
running missions with the gang feel like digimon
money cry (?)
hardwood floors in the loft what i’m dripping on
got a hotspot for when the router offline
don’t get blown like a whistle (?)
looking like i came from art cl-ss in this off-white
lil cold b-tch and she bossy
put up four holes in his face like an audi
glock buff as h-ll even though that i’m scrawny
lil b-tch choosing said (?)
they like tron “why the f-ck you always off beat?”
never that, you just mad that i talk sweet
if it ain’t the money you dont lost me
it’s a cold world ima make sure my dogs eat
b-tch want to lay up like i hoop still
this b-tch finished, i mean two (?)
bro just collaterolled the opps, thats two k!lls
first time i scammed is when i found out my true sk!ll
you can catch me on the islands eating grapes
counting paper in some bape
with a smile on my face
srt skirting burning miles out the tank
next year just watch throwing diamonds in the chain
i could never show love off the last time
fixed a b-tch heart just so she could stab mines
game face every time the hood p-ss bye
no cap is a life sentence on this flash drive
if i stand still, the drip might drown me
ot balling coast to coast mike (?)
back before tron i ain’t have no body
hoes get down in my dm yo gotti
all that lil energy ima choke it out you
bin reaper b-tch i’ll knock the soul up out you
aye labels i need a big bonus out you
payed bro the jackpot just to knock the tokens out you (dumb-ss)
jumped in and learned how to breath under water
doing fraud all day ima punchaholic
play with me boy then you bound to touch a coffin
(?) do we got that what you call it
b-tch im on the same side
trend setter i ain’t ever have to (?)
new method green swear to god it’s game time
ima wipe his nose like its runny, but we ain’t slime
gold medalist i refuse to get silver
i was born a loser but i turned into a winner
(?) when i’m turning in for dinner
heart cold as f-ck now like its turning into winter