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bad boys – mission lyrics


i’m afraid something happened that i’ve always feared
the freshest girl beatboxer has strangely disappeared
i’ve been informed by a reliable source
if she doesn’t return there’s much to be lost
so you understand the problem, you’re in a tough position
return to [?] and complete your mission
i’m counting on you boys, i’m wishing you luck
stand back from the tape as it self destructs

okay, now that we heard what he had to say
let’s synchronize our watches and be on our way
until she’s found we refuse to cease
so chief funky and busy b, won’t you cover the east?
ow, check it out since [?]
in three days we must return and all check back
we gotta be careful, gotta watch our step
’cause if we don’t find k this could ruin our rep

we was coolin’ in the east on the boulevard
maxin’ at a party just coolin’ hard
well everybody was invited to a rappin’ adventure
but to burn mcs was not our intention
i said biz let’s go, i jumped out of my seat
and just that very moment we heard a fresh beat goin’

++beatbox sounds++
we knew it was her because the beat was crush
so we turned for the door and we started to rush
but when we got up on the stage we were d+mn confused
because that’s when we noticed ten different crews
and if we had to take her back we would have to choose
so c’mon busy b there’s not a second to lose
while running through the crowd we made a slight mistake
chief funky bumped into this kid and he started to break

so we sn+tched the kid up, beat him half to death
ran up to the stage, we was out of breath
bumped this little static buster, i regret
k love won the battle, took the prize and left!

then we blow up the spot, steady [?] from the crowd
me and mac on the case, at the fever uptown
mingling with the crowd, tryin’ to follow the lead
did she leave on her own? or could the motive be greed?
well, nevermind all that and gettin’ back to the point
we kindly threw on our shades and started casing the joint
things weren’t gettin’ better, didn’t look like they were gonna
so we made up our minds to go and see the owner

we walked in the office to avoid the noise
introduced ourselves to him as the bad boys
known for rockin’ the house, specializin’ in fresh
with a well known company known as [?]
when he found out who we were he started gettin’ nervous
looked at me and mac and said “how can i be of service?”
we looked into his eyes and we mean no offense
but we like to be informed of the night’s events
get busy with it
get busy
bad boys

he said there’s gonna be a battle for tremendous stakes
between the freshest beat boxers and the beats they make
the contestants are comparing, getting everything set
but there’s still one contender that i have not met
there seems to a problem which is i never saw her
for the simple fact someone else signed for her
we asked who they are and [?] refused
then we knew for sure that she was bein’ used

whoever is behind us, will very soon regret it
because brothers from the east carry uzis or better
so we called up funk and [?] put them down on the scoop
told them where we were at so they could bring down the crew
i told biz to call [?] and tom
because those four are like a nuclear bomb
if you cross our path well we’ll tear you apart
gettin’ back to the point, the show’s about to start

all the beatboxers there were battling it out
but there was just one brother with endless clout
he’s beats were so fresh and this ain’t no joke
all the other beatboxers packed up and broke
he thought he won and no one was in his way
walkin’ on the stage was none other than k
“i’m not gonna front, you know you’re my idol
but with this funky beat i protect my title”
everyone was tense ’cause she had met defeat
’til she got flamboyant with a funky fresh beat
the final result is that the kid was burned
k won the battle and the money she earned
she received an envelope that was filled with cash
said goodbye to the crowd and disappeared in a flash

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