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bambashort – molly iii lyrics


yeah, people know i use music as a way to express how i’m feeling about a certain situation
it’s pretty late, and i wrote this in just a couple hours about something that’s pretty important in my life
and i just want to say, molly if you’re listening to this right now
i’m sorry, if i did anything wrong

i’m feelin’ so deserted and used
i never thought you’d leave me bleedin’ all alone and confused
i never thought befriendin’ beauty in the summer so soon
would make me question what i did to lose this girl i pursued
i did everything that i could to keep this bond right
i planned out everything i could to keep it all nice
but it never seemed to work, the girl became a struggle
now i’m staring at the rubble, alone, in my own bubble, uh
i hate that i responded when you’re always unresponsive
and i hate that i am bonded to your never endin’ toxins
molly, what did i do wrong, it’s like you’re so fake
a couple months ago i saw you and i felt safe
now i’m running through our texts, i’m just feeling so perplexed
thinking “what did i do wrong?”
i compose another song
i’m just thinking ’bout the times, you were lookin’ h-lla fine
i would offer you a ride, you would smile by my side
molly you don’t understand, i poured my heart into this thing
i’d hit you up and fight the urge to hit you back to show my need
ask: “are you down to make some plans?”
i’d ask you plenty in advance
you’d say “i’m down :d”, and then back out
as i’m denying all my doubts
and when you said that you were free
i asked “oh when?”, you said “today”
i said “that’s great, what time today?”
and then you chose to never say
then in the morning you were lying, said “i’m bad at my replying”
i was mad but didn’t show it, told you not to worry ‘bout it, uh
that was weeks ago, but i still feel the pain
and once the sun comes up, you’ll see that now i’ve truly gone insane
can this be over with, i want the girl i saw at the arcade
you caused my heart to stop, i feel so lost and now i feel betrayed
molly i was nice, i prayed that you would never really leave me
molly ii was nice, i asked myself if i should share my feelings
then i wrote alone, i felt so hurt from all the pain you’re dealing
molly iii is here, my final word on hurt i’ve been concealing
molly why’d you even do it, why’d you say that you’d be there?
chose to call you on the phone and your response was hard to bear
i wish i never knew that you were home and didn’t even care
i drove to seven stores to buy your gift, in case you weren’t aware
molly, when i met you girl i swear i thought you were the realest
i still look at you and find myself becomin’ kinda speechless
you won’t ever know the way you really came and changed my life
but you took my heart, and cut it down the middle with a knife
i was simpin’ lookin’ back at all the lyrics that i wrote ’cause
writin’ music is a way that you have taught me how to cope
i can’t believe i’m in this spot, and can’t believe this is the end
i do not have another bag that i can use at my expense
to try to see you one more time and do my best to just amend
whatever wrongs i ever had, girl i just want to get you back
to when you turned and said my name and i was feelin’ so surprised
i’d live that moment every day when i could stare into those eyes, yeah