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bambix – hello to nothing lyrics


together with you the sun was there
i thought that i’d just met my best friend
so much in love, i swallowed your alibis
didn’t we see the italian movies between those sweet eyes

after the sun the blizzard came
often unable to pr-nounce my name
staring into the inane
fraking out but not on me
i got the could turkey for free

tuesday 5 a.m. back from a mind excursion
and as always i got the extended version
the harder you yelled, the more right you thought you were
when i closed my ears, you were all in a stir

after the blizzard nothing came
i’m not interested in what you became
no i don’t care
i’m working on a new debut
and try to scratch you fo my shoe

you’re like a red flag to a bull
and engine without fuel
every world just cr-p to fill the gap
like a red flag to a bull
it’s really nothing new
empty head without a vision
i don’t consider it my mission
to help you along

together with you the sun went down
not for long, because the best friends don’t frown
so much in love, i didn’t realize
that even a green light can be a red one in disguise

after nothing a new sun came
a clear sky out of the grey
will you please forget my name
and move out of my way.

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