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bandgang masoe – slow grind lyrics


niggas always tell me what they used to have
like they used to have a bag, used to blow cash
my nigga still got a bag and blow through
who would’ve thought i deal with numbers after failing math
used to skip the mac pro’s at my cousin shit
spot hot [?]
used to rob niggas blind for the fun of it
naw, i’m lyin’ we was getting’ to the money b-tch
for ten blue strips i get you right, family
500 more a hook too, you prolly win a grammy
bg next to blow put it on my granny
ever cross one of my niggas you be with my granny (you dead nigga)
i’m back better than ever, young but so clever
just signed a deal with frito lay, nigga i know cheddar
me and [?] runnin’ wild [?]
that’s when tayshaun and rip played for the pistons
caught my momma talkin’ shit but she know i love her
she want a porsche by the porch, mine got her covered
lifestyle so gravy, no pork smothered
get a b-tch, know i can hit but prolly won’t fuck her
camera on the foreign for when i back out
gotta to look like kash doll with the -ss out
give me a million bucks and they still in the crackhouse
catch me off leanin’ off a four and a larry ounce
i hate my nigga gone
but still got hitters in the cut to get a nigga gone
i was mindin’ my business getting’ work gone
then i heard a niggas dissin’ in a lame song
aye, but nevermind that
cause niggas know we with the shits and we ain’t buyin’ that
every time i hit the store it’s where the sign at
exclusive jeans, niggas askin’ where i buy ’em at