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bankroll fresh – everytime lyrics


[verse 1:]
i done lived it and did it and done it and seen it you feel me
go get it keep your head up and just stay focused
every time you see me i am the freshest
every time you see me i come collected
cash out at the dealer i swiped the debit
cash out at the dealer i ain’t need no credit
forgiato swervin’ watch for pedestrian
show you n-ggas definition of flexin’
beatin’ so hard hear me getting off the exit
thank you god dear lord you done blessed me
live and learn boy i never forget it
i ain’t have to ask a n-gga to lend me
i ain’t never ask him for nothin’
keep it real n-gga sky is the limit
i done f-cked up could have had plenty
been the same n-gga since the beginning
been the same n-gga since elementary
thank you god good god i’m gonna get it

every time i open my eyes go outside
look in the sky and i thank god i’m alive
and every time you see me b-tch you know i’m shine bright
we live forever never die

[verse 2:]
every time you see me i’m just a player
diamonds on a n-gga wet as a whale
every time you see me i am aware that everybody ’round me ain’t as prepared
politicin’ kickin’ pimpin’ i’m h-ll
i went fishin’ and i caught me a whale
all them fishin’ n-ggas already fail
choppa’ for the surfin’
carbon coppin’ some squares
i never went to college but i got some knowledge
i can tell you ’bout the block is real
i caught a body and a bunch of armed robberies
way before a n-gga had a deal
can’t trust n-ggas they’ll tell on you
go on the move they’ll bail on you
they’ll f-ck your b-tch if she with the sh-t
but worse, they’ll wish jail on you
time on my hand lord
got to get this sh-t if you want it
n-gga remember hard time get lonely
time on my hand, lord
i ain’t gonna waste mine i embrace mine
keep truckin’ like a freight line


[verse 3:]
money worldwide n-gga
one thing about it two things for sure
got it first over this way
rip on the street money strike
atppbg stand the f-ck up n-gga
it’s time for this
and that
scream worldwide
2015 n-gga the torch is yours, yeah