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banshee – curry lyrics


smoking leaves like b-tch we raking
all these p-ss-es steady hating
wrist on quake like i was haitian
little buddha like i’m asian
counting money i been making
i just want a f-cking mill
f-ck a mill i want a bill
i’m so motherf-ckin trill
call me bobby f-cking hill
i just popped a couple pills
got me rolling down the hill
when we shoot we shoot to k!ll
diamonds cold they looking ill
they so ill they got the flu
player i don’t f-ck with you
b-tch i’m banshee who are you
if you f-ckin act a fool
i’m gon pull up with the crew
we gon hit you with the tool
we gon leave you in the blue
turn this to a f-cking zoo
what the f-ck are you gon do?
b-tch i’m bulletproof la roux
that’s that jumpman on my shoe
all these dimes like i’m a jew
wrote these rhymes at f-cking school
run up on me you get schooled
we gon drown you like a pool
b-tch i’m bobby with the tool
b-tch i’m banshee i’m so cool
b-tch i’m doing this for me


for the paper all i see
if you with me ride with me
got me floating like a bee
got me high i might od
i’m just smoking on the tree
like i’m curry with the 3
like i’m curry with the 3
like i’m curry with the 3
run up on me you gon see