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bara7al – peace of mind lyrics


[verse 1: bara7al]

fresh off the scene and looking so clean. he had come a long way from them busted up jeans

he had just caught another case. two brothers lay in the street with their blood spilled all over the place

see this cop shoot them with no pity. was not found guilty on all charges now he rides around his city

nobody dared to touch him wrong. cause in the game of arms, he was known to be armstrong

don’t get it confused. his life is a rat race. in the industry known for the destroying off the black race

darkness he embraced, abusing all his grace. i’m sorry if i cannot look at him with a straight face

cause everyday of life he living like some toy soldier. got the devil on his back and d-mnation right on his shoulders

can’t even keep his composure guess it’s too much exposure used as some poster by all the posers

when the truth is he a victim of the system. abusing position in the name of capitalism

not realizing that in the end those brothers he k!lled
will the same ones that he bow down to when the prophecy is fulfilled

revelation 3:9 when you get it though. micah 7:17 when you get it though

surely his fathers have inherited lies but he’ll be in for one big surprise when christ takes away his peace of mind