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barry michael – letters from jail lyrics


phone call came in from the county jail. my daddy’s back again.
he wasn’t calling me to make his bail. he just said don’t give up on him.
all these years of dancing around the truth he’d finally come to realize.
that he hadn’t been the dad i needed him to be and he was sorry for the lies.

pre chorus:
i want him to know that he’s forgiven and i’m trying hard to understand.

how do i rebuild a bridge that was never really there
how do i restore a love for a man who never cared
where do i begin to find a place within my heart for a stranger who tore mine apart.
it’s hard to be a father through the mail. love gets lost in letters from jail

i can’t understand why he’s still doing this. why can’t he just say no?
another birthday’s gone by that he’s missed. that makes 15 in a row.