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bart cobain – kamikaze lyrics



kamikaze call me kamikaze
got the bottle on commando i be acting
kind of crazy huh
feelin hazy feeling good and hazy
b-tch a n-gg- always late ain’t no motherf-cking racing
[verse 1]

we be up at the bar
steady feeling up and emptying ery’thing in the jar
drink or drive
we choosing both while we getting high in the car
taking pictures on pictures,photobombing is a hobby
i ain’t kissing if she vomit
ain’t that discussing my n-gg-?
ain’t no discussion my n-gg-
besides rap all i love is money p-ssy and liquor
she sent a couple nudes all my homies knew the news
put the money on the table who gon f-ck her last gon loose
gettin’ loose off the goose nop this absolut
you just mix it with the juice like a russian
i might drink it pure f-ck it that lure
three cups imma give one to her
smooth operator i maneuver like an aviator
if it stands for alcohol i get straight a’s
straight ape sh-t when i’m spittin’ on this drunk sh-t
all that dysfunction we bs with no sponsor
if you wonder why your party great
my clique is the answer that right

i don’t know what happened
it was the drinks in my system
i don’t know what happened
it was the drug in my system

f-ck the party before it even start
f-ck the party before it ev-en – start
f-ck the party before it even start
f-ck the party before it ev-en – start

[verse 2]

weed so loud everybody got quiet
celebrate sober it’s a lie can’t buy it
hate it when a f-cker hits my cup than it spills
but i love when his girl wears a dress and them hills
real n-gg-s on fire we chasin’ hoes like quaugmire
if we ever start to rap you know she’ll star to admire
you can ask that n-gg- aj he’ll talk you later
going wild for the night there’s no f-cking half measures
wake and bake and beers that’s my favorite bbw
thinking cross faded that some sh-t so hard to do
poor that bombay sapphire i just love it cuz it’s blue
f-ck your friends your friends it’s all about me and my crew
that’s so lame that’s so lame
these n-gg-s ain’t gettin’ in the mood
they ain’t f-cking with the clique well i hope that’s understood
b-mping cris and ludacris grab a b-tch than act a fool
no more parties in la since i got drunk in hollywood