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beezle – see about ya lyrics


[intro dialogue: bonecrusher& beezle]
david banner
(yeah, huh, wha-, what, huh, yeah, huh)
listen! (huh, huh)
what’s up? (what’s up)
oh, you know beezle out, bone. (got your back nigga.)
david banner (oh!)
you niggas talking how hard it is, we gonna see about you, nigga!
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
f-ck boy!
(huh, bone, what, yeah)

[hook: bonecrusher]
see when you pop that drama on right
on somebody gonna see about ya
see it’s a test to see if you’re a b-tch
or you’ve got some g about ya
see about me shorty
see about me shorty
you popping hard at your guns
we gonna see who running
see about me shorty
see about me shorty
you popping hard at your guns
when gonna see who running
you b-tch, nigga

[verse 1: beezel]
i’m old school, i just came by for the g-ngb-ng
frank the tank, quick to pop off of the big thing
we got kicked out of parties and we eat up the wings
and nigga who throwing a party, we had his pretty young thing
she come up missing a fifth of jack, fifth of jim beam
your jewelry missin’ i’m on my alb-m covering featuring your bling
president bush, i’ll tell what you can and can’t do
shot a busher? run your bankroll, that ain’t you
it looked better in my pocket, we gonna hold on to it
i’ll give you one minute just to say so long to it
f-ck a chorus, i got right and left hooks for your -ss
why you think they call it break em off?
we whipping that -ss


[verse 2: david banner]
pussy, motherf-cker i was born here to die
b-tch laying down cause i want it all night
i came to make your enemies feel sick
make that nigga leak, bust and k!ll his whole kliq
yo, big south side and we never had nothing
but guns, we had fun when them aks start busting
little kids crying, b-tches ducking, and niggas cussing
my pistol’s like a pussy and she needs some finger f-cking
i’m ready baby, baby, side guess that’s why these niggas
i’m slim shady, like, “hi, my name is.”
down a b-tch, coming down, looking good
and gonna blow your f-cking brains on the hood, nigga


[verse 3: beezel]
where i’m from, they bust your top
or they cut out the top
trying to get boo and go for f-ck out the block
fighting time, oh i’m a hour early folk
and concerts know the time my t-shirt get soak
cause i be vested up and these two guns very protecting them
i’m like khia, gotta lick shots to my naked b-tt
and if i get a chance to let off them things, call the reverend up
used to get more shit than that black guy from 7-up
when i catch a case, i’ll tell the judge like this
i’m the victim, that boy chin kept -ssaulting my fist
all that chin-b-tting that how he bent up his jaw
reckless chinning, calling it jay leno law