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beezy sane – violence lyrics


verse 1 : kevin moropa)
hiding all my stress , yeah
man i was hiding all my stress , thinking about the texts
thinking about what’s next
now i gotta sit it out all alone in a room
thinking ’bout you and your pictures
thinking about the conversations that we had, back in the day, now i am in a different place
a different sp+ce, tryna move away
maybe i could see you on another day, i don’t wanna nag, i don’t wanna chase
wanna look into the future
making out material for the next wife
you know i am just here standing all alone
thinking about you
but anyway we move on still
gripping onto the future k
keeping on the places where we really want to move in, (we moving)
little by the little
i don’t wanna think
i don’t wanna sink into your grown emotions
i don’t wanna hide my stress, wanna write it out for you like that’s my emotion, its poetry in motion
listen to the words cos they bringing out commotion, i can feel it in the inside every time i speak. (i still care for you, i still care for you)

(verse 2 : beezy sane )
uhh , uhh ,ooh (i still care for you)
you don’t care
you call me on my phone i don’t answer ’cause you don’t mean sh+t to me
i’ve been silent not talking bout how you been disturbing me
oh , why you call when you see i’m not into you ?
why you nag when you , know our connection is dead
oh it’s clear that i don’t feel anything for you
you messed it up when you
chose that girl over me
oh , boy how you hurt me
when you told me you love her more than me
i loved you but you messed that up oh

i’ve been hiding ally stress
i’ve been hiding all my emotions
not wanting to show how i feel ’cause thought you wouldn’t care ’bout me (oh yeah)
thought you wouldn’t care ’bout me