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bella bizelle – klockin’ lyrics


[chorus: bella bizelle]
tic toc the clock’s about to rock
two seconds the b-lls about to drop
stop, stop, stoppa your staring
drop dead in whatever i’m wearing
tag popping, my lip gloss popping, now you know i’m popping have a cola with a smile
smi-i-i-i-ile muah!

[verse 1: bella bizelle]
i said stoppa stoppa stoppa your staring
you’re loving you’re lovign, what what what were wearing
me and my girls we got something to brew
so heres a thing boy, or two
your nutrition, never ending ambition
complete loss of all sense and sight
to revive, say goodbye


[verse 2: oseeola]
who you grimming dawn
check yo bm, she in ma beamer
she loves i’m gettin that sean jean calina
money in the middle, musician i play a fiddle
(and she will tick it as sweet as a mcgriddle)
little sis, here’s an -ssist, now take it to the rack and get whatever off it
say i’ll be the mortician of your audition
all the boys wishing, i tell em “keep fishing”
can’t hook when you sing the hook (big boy a crook)
move two o’s as simple as saying look
vince vaughn don’t judge me, baby i dodge books
love me or hate me, either or, or


verse 3
i see you looking boy, and i know what you like to do
your fevas rushing, rushing, one hundred and two
i’ll make a world, within a world, you’ll never escape
your mind, your eyes, your body will ache
my web, so silky sweet and clean
its my-my-my-my my machine


[bridge: bella bizelle]
there’s nowhere to hide
i got you paralyzed, mesmerized, hypnotized
my spell on you
you’re never ever gonna survi-i-ive
say goodbye