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bern and the bastards – blue lives don’t matter lyrics


blue lives don’t matter
they don’t exist
blue lives don’t matter
you weren’t born a pig
when you dedicate your life to making things right
but justice is the first thing that you sacrifice
it don’t matter anymore

what about the people that you swore to protect
what do you do when you realize you
have become the greatest threat to their lives
you just deny their right to say, “don’t wanna die”
refuse to see humanity
when you raise your sweaty palms and you shoot to k!ll
ya shoot to k!ll

blue lives don’t matter
your not the ones
whose mother’s tears taught them to fear the badge and gun
do you ever question as you hold the thin blue line
is this justice or just a life of crime

when you terrorize the streets ’til the people can’t breathe
full of racist fear and hatred, k!lling with impunity
when you look the other way, more will die another day
an eruption of corruption all across the police state
when the people organize to convict you of your crimes
you gas ’em and harass ’em, gotta keep ’em all in line
it don’t matter anymore
it don’t matter anymore
it don’t matter anymore
when your six feet beneath the floor
whose life matters anymore

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