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beyond within – river of hate lyrics


when you’ve lost it all and you
can see that there’s no turning back
all alone curse this life try you might
but you can never have it back, no!

waiting in line to cross
the five rivers to h-ll
caught in the glare of charon
his lifeless finger points to me

you may not cross
unless you pay the obol
wander through life
the underworld one hundred years

sorrow and dismay
river of woe

grief and regret

wander through life without purpose
like i wander in the underworld
i did not pay the toll
and posses not a golden bough

alone with the sorrow
consumed of the flame
will my journey ever
come to an end?
the 5 rivers behind me

burns but
does not consume
river fire
forget your past life


acheron, cocytus
lethe, styx

the river of hate
the river styx
the river of hate
the river styx

now at the gates of h-ll
you alone will find
what lies ahead