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b!g juliu$ – legends lyrics


[intro: b!g juliu$]
the thing is like there’s a certain element of me not believing these bars though
i’m just gonna do it and i’m a do it again…

[verse 1: b!g juliu$]
as i return to the mic
to give em what they like
gotta fire at a couple mc’s on sight
yeah, i’m here for the music, i ain’t here to fight
and i’m not gonna say that i’m bout that life
not on that bush boi year 10 sh-t anymore
i’m a good kid this is my city
put a litter on my floor?
and i move like kubra, i’ll show you the door
you won’t come back anymore

[verse 2: scouse terry]
look up the area
toxeth, round here we’ll murder ya
i ain’t never heard’a ya
loaded with the gat
nine bullets in each murder chamber
call me terry
i’m a murder ranger
ah, yeah
ah, yeah

[bridge: jus karat£ (x 4)]
f-ckin’ little sc-m bag
chillin’ on the corner f-cking with the gun bag

[hook: midnight]
the streets are making em feel uneasy
think i’m getting down kinda greazy
i think i’d better get out of here
i think i’d better get out of here

[verse 3: b!g juliu$]
yeah, big up wp
sorry for the prank call nothing but love from me
yeah you gave us jus man, yeah you gave us d
throw in jay that’s pndb
uh, you ain’t f-cking with we!
you gave us midnight and lazy!
the home of a whole bunch a legends, my g!
the home of a whole bunch a legends, my g!

[hook: midnight]