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b!g juliu$ – listen lyrics



[verse 1: b!g juliu$]
listen, as i get into position
i’m out for the f-cking figures
to drop these bars is my mission
i’m here i made a decision
i’m going hard with precision
my rhymes might commit a crime
i might end up it f-cking prison
f-ck rappity-rap
a step ahead of them yats
i’m more of a rapper’s rapper
i can’t stand you actors
i ain’t into all that trap, darg
my strap likes singing, these raps i’m bringing are hard
smoked weed with my jsa
did it every day
with jus, mat and jay
i’m bored of this gap life, uh
stared selling drugs and got kicked out my mom’s
if i’m kicked out my mum’s i’ll go to my dad’s yard
free yard, come croydon, bun it up hard
or to the bit near jay’s and do puff-puff p-ss
but that life weren’t good from the start

[verse 2: lazy]
ain’t got no time for the street
just a rhyme and the beat
when the feeling is spilling out, a million degrees
ain’t no more a brother needs just a b-ss and a snare
a comfortable chair
a hi-hat tapping out the high rhythm there
i’m blacking out from the groove
i rap with nothing to lose
the shackles leaving my shoes
the spark is starting to embark at the end of the fuse
the temperature rises
the dark lord of time n’
lips moving so quick
i look like i’m miming
so hard to rhyme
when the scream of the sirens is lining my mind
shining behind the backside of my eye
i try to survive
i’m just going blind, the beats drowning now
my thoughts aren’t as loud
i’m tryna slur it out
tried to shout but the words won’t come out my mouth
there’s nothing thought in my head
i struggle to receive it
i just can’t believe it
feel like i’m leaving
no longer take this
i can’t hear a sound
there’s no-one around
man down, man down

[verse 3: midnight]
too horrified to dislodge your self from the shelf
where you’re stuck losing your health, your sense of self and the things you’ve felt
the price of a life just fell the stock plummet and do well
maybe this is h-ll, a world where you just can’t tell
whether you’re gonna die today or tomorrow
your mind full of sorrow
because i know this time is borrowed
it’s soon over so why bother about it brother?
keep your head above the water
-ssuming like you oughta
pigs to the slaughter
does it matter? kinda, sorta?

[verse 4: b!g juliu$]
from the el camino and back to hackney
what you know about the team? pndb
talk about dam thats a real jetski
thinking bout rome got me feeling all free
bunning this zoot got me feeling all lean
thinking bout life and the things that i’ve seen
i’m looking like great news, smelling like great news
i’m listening to cream and i’m drinking them strange brews
i’m popping a molly
when i’m chilling with molly
or i’m thinking bout johnny
lalala! got the longie
i get too waved and blacked out at the rave
wake up in nam my memories a haze
they said i threw the baby out the window
threw the rulebook out the window
smoked too much endo
should have stayed at home and played nintendo

[bridge: b!g juliu$]
i tell a chick come chill on my sofa
…but i’m with dash so “bring a friend over!”

[verse 5: jus karat£]
sit on the toilet then i dump it
my mummy’ll be complaining like, “stop it!”
i don’t care fam i gotta do the p-ss!
flush it all down
flush it all down
cause you’re f-cking shook!
call me captain hook
cooking up the sh-t like, captain cook
haha! see me bunning big cheese
the spliffs looking… big, g
don’t, get me started about dry knees
move a couple dry keys
thai, n’ white cheese
crack – rhine g’s
please don’t make me rhyme, please
cause my minds, on point
doubled up like siamese