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bhebhe – off campus lyrics


(verse 1)
on the page i open heart like surgery
and on the paper i’m breaking down my therapy
made a decision that i won’t go back in september
already mastered the flow i didn’t need a lecture
chase the cream till i’m icey carte d’or
i stay on point with the bars rappers are dartboards
i said the track suits me don’t need the academics and real talk she left me now she leaves a message
i never gave her a ring still she misses me
and you still bullsh-tting but it’s missing me
lethal with it make a bizzle want a piece of me
regal state of mind listen to the king speech
when daddy didn’t wanna work i bought the money in
mum had chest pains that’s what the stress did
spending nights in a&e messed with my head
and then she got discharged back to the same sh-t

well dressed balling on a student loan
i used the same money to record in my home
down to earth so you know i put my soul in it get it
i’m the one that is not a gimmick
i don’t care about campus
i don’t live by another man’s standards
out here you do what you gotta do
didn’t wanna be broke so we broke the rules

(verse 2)
london ipswich but the plan never switched
came in world where basically you pay to live
but selling my soul nah, that was not my intention
i put my life into these lyrics, yeah pun intended
mother’s got a degree but we struggled cash
i know you’re working for less paper like back straps
i know you do this alone, i know you got my back
that’s why i do it for you and i ain’t holding back
sensitive always catch me in my feelings
all i needed was some guidance and spiritual healing
uh, yeah i grew up in domestic violence
i stay burning the loud, used to suffer in silence
that’s the reason why i never liked authority
let me be clear your pov is cloudy g
you got a plane flow probably never take off
acting p-ssy so i know just what you’re made of