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bhebhe – surface lyrics


wake up same clothes from last night
didn’t get into my bed till past 5
stuck in a routine that can make you lose sleep
house by pool, right now i’m too deep
i need some me time i need to unwind
i need a bit of hennessy when i recline
put a shift in they stingy with the break times
she gimme back rubs when it’s been a late night
it’s my moment i already told em
the bull sh-t i don’t even give a moment
monday still i wanna see the weekend
i know i earned it, living in the deep end
when it’s a rap i be heading to the bars man
i got drive but i think i need a cab man
ooooh i prolly won’t remember this
give a helping hand and they don’t remember sh-t

(hook) x2
still on my journey
up until early
you don’t know the half of it
i could tell you what my life’s like
i could tell you what my eye sights
still on my journey
up until early
you don’t know the half of it
chasing women miss-guided
bullsh-t won’t fly here

(verse 2)
we out here tryna get pee the long way
know some bruddas good intentions but chose the wrong way
small talk at the office will be a long day
it’s so plain, i find a way to run way
so i roll with bruddas on it cuz there’s nothing promised
and i know my future bright i’m just being honest
you wanna bite we wanna jet west side
story is i’m the n-gg- with the best high
get paid get a trim then i’ma hit the road
i father mc’s just to hit the mother load
yeah it’s the little boy bhek
high pitched voice but i’m deeper than the next
body rappers then i use them as a foot rest
and when i let it rip i’ma let you pay respect
prophesying my profit but their vision was foggy
loving the man in the mirror cuz i know that he’s got me

everybody just jump everybody just jump
i’m tryna get paid like the first of the month
like the first of the month, me i can’t sit and wait
get my foot up off the brake, you man hesitate
i’m the one they watch so i can’t be late
nah i can’t be late f-ck out the way (ay, ay)
been here before this ain’t news to me
she loves the fact there’s no phasing me
two feet don’t tire but i go the distance
everybody here struggles where was your persistence
f-cking lazy
same n-gg-s don’t rate me
but they’re sitting in a cage g
but i do it all day see