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bhgtwthbg – poop particles lyrics


family friendly pg clean

[verse – bhgtwthbg]
p–p p-n-s fart
p–p p-n-s fart
p–p p–p p–p poo poo p-n-s fart
poo poo poo poo p-n-s fart
p–p p-n-s fart

yea o i am the bestest of the bestest
ain’t n-body can’t comparesteee-ees
yeaa bruh im like jordan
i’m blaa-aack

and i’m, i’m blaaa-aack
i am a minority

[verse – lil drown]
i am in the tricycle
microsoft word version .1.3
i am the bestest from the rest
ain’t n-body can comparestest
this beat is fireestest
uhh, the kids rub on my testes
(chuckles) yes
i walk down the street
i saw the grocery store
i saw the grocery store
the grocery store no longer exists
little drown on this beat
its very fire, very fire
stoos stoos stoos, i am p–p p–p p–p
the p–ping in the p–p store
i am the good good good
please give me browine
i am insufferable