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bhi bhiman – up in arms lyrics


i was once at the forefront of the movement
teaching my brothers, teaching sisters of their pride

“up in arms, up in arms, up in arms!” i said
i told them gentrifying b-st-rds we won’t lay

200 years ain’t but two things have changed
it’s safe to say i’ve had a price upon my head

bobby seale and i have made important progress
it’s safe to say that my glory has fled

“up in arms, up in arms, up in arms!” i say
here comes the baddest man your eyes have ever graced

politicians never see the brown boy starving
like malcolm x, and martin king, marcus garvey

in ’65 there was a climate for the riots
it’s ’89 and i’m seeing deja vu again

the police are always saying “why this senseless violence?”
but they’ll light the spark and we’ll be dry brush in the wind

“up in arms, up in arms, up in arms!” i said
tell me bobby hutton that policeman still gets paid

[acoustic interlude]

the cia has stumbled on a ghetto potion
it’s in my lungs and it’s numbed my black emotions

my lips are dry my skin is ashy, i need lotion
i’ve still got my gun but i ain’t got sense of purpose now

i feel weak, i feel weak, i feel weaker than i have before
ain’t god an army marching in with me through hoover’s door

it’s getting late i better find some place where i can sleep
my pillow debts i’ve left unpaid on these west oakland streets

“up in arms, up in arms, up in arms!” i said
this crackhead’s pistol pointed at my face

[acoustic interlude]