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bianca ryan – in my head lyrics


you’ve helped heal these wounds during the past few months
and i can’t thank you enough

always put a smile on my face
made sure that i was always better than okay
always wanted you to stay
please stay?

i hear his voice
in my head
distracts me from what you just said
the memories are going dead from my conciousness

danger brings him close
and when the memories fade
i need a stronger dosage
now both of our promises are broken

you’re my personal sun
when my mind blows a fuse
and i sincerely hope that i’m not using you
you mean a lot you do
thank you

and even though that i am really missing him
you calm the pain, i feel your outer warmth within
is my life a living sin?
surviving on adrenaline?


are broken
then are broken
this wound on my chest
that he left open
you held it together with your bare hands
the decision i’ve made
you will never understand

cause the lullaby
he hummed in my ear would never
no the lullaby
he hummed in my ear would never
could never dissappear…