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big l – kay slay freestyle lyrics


[intro: big l]
yeh check this sh-t out
1,2 1,2 check me the f-ck out
big l, corleone
yeh chillin’ wit my n-gg- kay slay from around the way, uhuh
flamboyant entertainment n-gg-
comin’ live it’s the danger zone harlem, usa n-gg-
bout to rip this sh-t
check us out, check it out, yeh, check it out, yeh yeh
flamboyant entertainment
yeh yeh flamboyant entertainment

[verse 1: big l]
yo while we hold gats, you hold knifes
when you sold 8’s, we sold pies
when you rode bikes, we drove 5’s
it’s no comparison son, it’s just embarrisin’
im runnin’ with some of the baddest n-gg-z in the whole new york
we hold the fort, y’all b-tch n-gg-z is holdin’ d-cks
playa hatin’ pushin’ stolen whips
we at the dice game rollin’ tricks
ot, throwin bricks, takin’ ova
cookin’ up c-ke with baking soda
yeah, you better spread with them 30 dollar kicks on
or get whipped on, knocked out cold and p-ssed on
l is a heavy waiter, with steady paper
you the type that go to jail for a petty capor
then come home on good behaviour
talkin’ about you know longer hard now
’cause you a man of god now
it was amazin’, l is blazin’ always been
before i put the braids in, i used to let the waves spin
sh-t you be sayin’ don’t impress me at all
and those chicks you be j’in don’t be s-xy at all
word life, everything that i recite stand out
go ahead and front so i can try this right hand out
across your jaw, l never losed a war
no respect for them f-ggots who enfore the law
you got suttin’ to say cough it out
’cause n-gg-z be wanted beef
but when you pull out the heat they ready to talk it out
what is there to talk about, you was just frontin’
now it ain’t nuttin’, ain’t that suttin’
i should start bustin’ anyway and put one of you punks in the ground
y’all n-gg-z be killin’ me with y’all faces around, jumpin’ around
like you scarin’ l not even
’cause imma be a thug ’till i stop breathin’
plus i’m runnin’ with a smooth -ss crew
that will shoot at you
you wan’t to knuckle up, then f-ck it we can do that do, n-gg-
i never hesitate to buck my gun
harlem world, y’all know where the f-ck i’m from