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big lax – flint and steel 2 lyrics


[intro: redster]
(enrgy made this one)
this sh+t sound like the stronghold

[verse 1: redster]
i just made the going merry, but it’s survival mode
i might be a zombie pigman, i need a lot of gold
plug in the village going “ha”, that boy monotone
n+ggas on the sky island, we go geronimo
and i’m smoking on that oak apple
redstone make his game lag, he don’t know what happened
n+ggas wearing armor in the street, there ain’t no fabric
run up in the end for the loot like there ain’t no dragon
think the gear is crazy, you ain’t see what’s in the ender chest
hang around the illagers, we running in your villagеs
i’m an iron golem, you a zombie at its littlest
sipping on that potion, that sh+t got mе fidgeting
“womp, womp, womp, womp, womp”, that’s the guardian
axolotls with me, who the f+ck you think you targeting?
talking with these villagers, they think i’m f+cking bargaining
i know you got my diamonds, n+gga, so i’m barging in

[verse 2: big lax]
five n+ggas walking up, minecraft hunger games
“boom, boom, boom, boom, boom”, i just dumped them lames
i’m a block, you a slab, we ain’t cut the same
i washed everything inside of lava, and i shut the game
put a diamond on a stick and then dug his grave
i been in the cave since i was at a younger age
thought i was at a different seed, but that was just another save
he thought this sh+t was sweet, he must’ve played another game
i just made another wheat farm, so i got bread for later
i stay hot around the water like a cobblestone generator
i just put some redstone in the rail, i was accelerator
my d+ck a hardness one, it’s gon’ motherf+cking penetrate her
i’m in the gravel, a young n+gga need a respirator
dropped some tnt inside his crib, i got the detonator
set some pistons up inside my crib and made a elevator
she got too attached to these diamonds, had to separate her
[verse 3: camogod]
minecraft steve, n+gga, i just joined the game
i’ma keep it 100% with you ’cause i’m all the rage
and i’ma right a will for you, n+gga, i’ma craft a page
this is not scat pack, n+gga, this a minecart
and i just mined some diamonds, so these n+ggas know that i’m hard
down b on you stupid n+ggas, i’m a time bomb
y’all n+ggas up b, you go up and you fall down
power rails on my minecart when i slide out
diamonds on my wrist, always dripping, never dry out
i got iron and some sticks, n+gga, i’ma blow his mind out
(holy sh+t, wait, they actually added steve)
a mining on you n+ggas while we fighting out on fd
i be placing out blocks, n+gga, i be spelling “xd”
you ain’t make it back, see a stupid n+gga sd
i just finished eating
minecraft steve, five+hundred iq, i am not a heathen
enderman glock, it’s gon’ catch a n+gga if he breathing
send him to the nether, now that stupid n+gga h+lla seething
mining everyday, i ain’t never take the work off
diamond armor on me, all you n+ggas tryna work rock
heard this n+gga wanted zaza, so i gave that n+gga dirt block
[verse 4: kuroi]
so much loud on me, i built a f+cking auto sorter
(where’d you get this weed from?) huh, n+gga, across the border
my diamonds stacking, and yours looking h+lla shorter
we pouring up obsidian, and you n+ggas still drinking water
minecart skrrting with your b+tch in it
(kuroi, why your pockets look like that?) there’s a stick in it
we talking emeralds, big boy doing big business
i got brolic in the mines, you stay at planet fitness
my b+tch serving cake, and your b+tch is serving white bread
boy, you better shake, or this diamond sword will leave you dead
rounds to top, and that ain’t a pumpkin on your head
leaving you in a lake where your body keep the fishes fed
hold up, we was real minecrafters
chilling with the gang, and you creeping in the rafters
you wanna let it bang, but you ain’t keeping a blaster
your shawty wanna bang ’cause we throwing up the cash, huh
you say you tote boats, but we know that that’s cap
if you lacking in the mines, best believe that that’s a wrap
hold the stove up in my hands like the heater in my lap
send the creeper to your home, so we busting out the trap

[verse 5: lil jaywalk]
i just pulled up, ain’t on netherite
give a zombie villager a potion, now he never fights
and my horse on a lead, if i go far, it might sever ties
i just beat the dragon, got some wings, they gon’ make me fly
sh+t, man, i found a cave spotter, i hate these guys
i just found a stronghold, but i don’t got no more eyes
all i need is one, two, three, four, and five
i just k!lled a baby chicken, need to show some empathy
i just drank a strength potion, now i got energy
i just lost all my diamonds, do you have a clue what they meant to me?
power rails, and the minecart go fast just like a srt
teleport or run the map just like an enderman
and i don’t like water just like an enderman
man, i keep a strap on me, i feel like a skeleton
i look like an enderman ’cause i got so much melanin
i just let a creeper in my house, it’s a godd+mn mess
enchanted up a chestplate, gonna relieve my stress
i just beat the wither, and i only had one heart left
ghast might be sad because i think i just made it cry
she said, “you have ender pearls?”, i said, “maybe five”
my dog just fell in lava, he may be fried
[verse 6: yayu]
okay, so i’m back in this b+tch
sixty+four in the clip, full stack in this b+tch
i had diamonds night one, i don’t slack in this b+tch
and my sword got sharpness v, i don’t lack in this b+tch
your skull looking like cobblestone, cracked in this b+tch
apply pressure, now you fold, is that a trap in this b+tch?
i’m getting all the green, my level maxed in this b+tch
and we lighting up that shader pack in this b+tch
black air force 1’s, nah, these boots, and they netherite
tried me with a wooden sword, you gon’ need a better plan
if he talk sh+t in survival games, then in real life, he better fight
i could beat the ender dragon with a sponge and some leather pants
gun so big, turn your crib into a chunk error
i’m gon’ need a grindstone for her p+ssy ’cause i’m gon’ repair her
you trapping on a furnace, while i’m trapping on a brewing stand
he getting hunger games, i’ll k!ll you in real life with my human hands
that’s kinda edgy, so i might stop
chopper got a starter like it’s been to every minecon
she just found a saddle, give her something she can ride on
she get to the crib like, “i ain’t know they added python”
and i got forty+eight mojang accounts, but won’t ever tell the scam
tried hopping on my server, get hit with dedotated wam
my fat white shooter got a tear on his face, he look like a ghast
but if he shooting at you, you cannot hit it back
sleeping while i’m blowing up, we in different dimensions
girl just saw my armor, so she all over my mentions
she’s bouncing on my d+ck a lot, she tryna ease the tension
sh+t is getting boring, let me stop recording, play some genshin
nah, i’m capping, back to moving blocks
tnt cannon on my hip, i’m ’bout to shoot it off
why you sticky keys, why you shifty, why you on edge?
my homies pop up in an instant like i got sp+wn eggs

[verse 7: big lax]
i just put some f+cking diamonds on my axe, n+gga
he thought he was spitting, he be crying like he ghast, n+gga
he be pulling up, that n+gga dying from the blast, n+gga
he wanted gold from me just so he could flash, n+gga
i just made armor from this gold, you should’ve asked quicker
i just doubled up with this iron and made some fast clippers
i got me a trident, i hope that n+gga a fast swimmer
(ha) that n+gga gon’ f+cking drown
my new b+tch a villager, i just took her to f+cking town
the sp+wn point is at my crib, b+tch, we are f+cking now
swerving in a power rail, you won’t see me come around
i stay with my slime, you can’t break me down
he was tryna wear the same skin, you can’t fake me now
pull up with a bow and arrow, call it “drake”, you can thank me now
he was running from the smoke, i got a furnace, you can’t fake me out

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