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big mike (us) – dead right lyrics


[intro: big mike]

big mike and a hype, this sh+t is dead right

[verse 1: big mike]
think it’s sweet? you know that i bring the heat
it’s what you gotta do when you’re jacking beats
this album, i’m in my east coast bag
next album, i’ma have to bring the west coast back
i’m a student of the game
studied under kendrick, nas and dre
taking classes under jay, game and ye
remained focused until graduation day
keep grinding til i get my diploma
and get to work on those classics that i owe ya
that’s the blueprint, word to hova
f+ck money, i want the power and respect
once i got the game on lock, you can cut me a check
blood, sweat and tears
hard work and dedication, years upon years
making music for the fans to bump in they ears
standing on stage and getting welcomed by cheers
we all came together when they dropped agusronny
we sticking close, just like a motherf+cking army
yokai got the midas touch, that’s why this sh+t is golden
i’m the living proof, rip deshaun holton
we moving fast, man, just like a new york minute
shoutout to master p cuz there ain’t no f+cking limit
if i want it, i’ll get it
taking shots at me? i’ll leave you in awe
i’ll take em with a smile, just like 2pac at the quad
[hook: big mike] (x2)
big mike and a hype, this sh+t is dead right
better now than never, business before pleasure
our lyrics are our weapon and our finger’s on the trigger
big mike and a hype, you know it’s dead right

[verse 2: a hype]
my goals are, to be a star
in this world we live, give
back to the culture
i ain’t a wack vulture
biting at your style, my own, wow
since a child, a victim of autism, speech weird
still flow like the nile
i want peace amongst us all
good for you
let’s get women to evolve
and think we are through with s+x being a divider
let’s ride like a glider over the shot
but i miss like shaq from three+point range
once they out their comfort zone, all alone
just like me, but you see
my inspiration is 2pac, an og
so with him by my side, i can ride
fights occur like shakur at mgm
then got em k!lled, cap peeled
now my homie told me “be a rider, a fighter”
so i keep going, showing these b+tches and these snitches
that i’m gonna take your spot
number one, but sh+t no longer hot
i got to go, i got to flow
rakim, mf doom and dmx
some of the best, still alive, then what’s next?
rap off, be part of a cypher
inspiration and goal, play the verse like a pied piper