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big twitchy – big boy lyrics


i’m a big boy

[verse 1: big twitchy]
i’m the big brain man
you’re the big g-y man
i am black like ray-bans
i drink paint cans
eat the soup
tie a noose
fake the news
that is how the story goes
on the mic, i get dirty
like dredder’s elbows
it’s the bean boy, shoutout to taco bell
i hope one day bigs gavino will rot in h-ll

[bridge: big twitchy]
i am very good at rapping
that was not a joke, so please stop laughing
i will make a squirrel’s cheeks start clapping
and when he sees this, bigs gavino will start fapping

[verse 2: lil’ pean]
hop out of the car
big boy, very large
i hope i get a lung disease from eating all this tar
i’m in my garage, f-cking 10 gorillas
i’m eating my doggy
your mom looks like a chinchilla
i’m a big boy, i’m a big man
i will f-ck you with my big hand
bigs gavino eats sand
that’s why they call me mr. meat man

[bridge 2: lil’ pean]
in my car, eating beef jerky
i am going to f-ck a turkey
i k!ll dinosaurs by f-cking them with my big c-ck
yeah, i’m gonna shoot your parents with a glock

[hook: big twitchy]
big boy, very large
i hop out of the car
i hope i get a lung disease from eating all this tar
my pee-pee very large
my wee-wee getting hard
bigs gavino is a slave, free of charge