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big zuu – bars in cars lyrics


i can never lack fam man know that, hit em with a backhand like novak
clamp man like a lighter then i blow packs
hyper man a striker, i can show facts i’m a big man, i’m a grown akh so i don’t give a f-ck if you sold smack
cuh if i hit you in your nose, it’ll go crack
dem man been p-ssy for time just like an old cat
big zuu king of the jungle like lion, you can be talking that tough sh-t, till i catch you and you start denyin, and dem man act like a rough clique, till i bring heat and man start the fryin
throw t–t at your boatey, that’s a sunk ship, consistent sh-lls mans supplyin
ya mean golf with your dad if you try swing iron
name a better mc, with the dumb bars, you ain’t no clever mc, salty youts nah pepper mc, when i touch mic fam, you should never mc
sicker den man so evidently, to cold i don’t need no peppermint tea
l!ckle sweet boy fam, you ain’t never been greaze
you don’t want a couple shots at you, i never sneeze, bun then man, are on gwolla chasin
tryna make bread not follow pagans
you don’t know what tomorrow may bring, so i don’t waste time, i ain’t on a late ting
see me i’m on a great ting, but i’ve got something for them p-ssies if they’re on a hate ting
h-lla man scr-ping, just cuh you know my name don’t mean it’s a mate ting
big zuu big like burj khalifa burned a reefa, brudda know my verse is deeper from the underground you can hear the earth in speakers, take out your head like a burst a teacher, long time since a man purchased sneakers, cuh i been hitting goals like a nerd on fifa
tryna get a yard deposit just from a feature
dem man there ain’t levels, they been a teacher ahh
i was never looking for a handout, i was tryna stack pounds, lay down raves they get slapped down
how many times does man amp crowds, i got the energy your chillin in the background and i don’t give a f-ck if i’m mad loud cuh i’m tryna get the belly that’s mad round, and dem man that are not winning, they got the sad sound and they don’t want beef they just a fat cow, man i just duppied grime, it’s been proven
fam i’ve gone past improvin man are just cruisin ain’t been a time we been losing
man been had the sauce and it’s oozin
they already know it’s sick if zuu’s in and if you don’t know then you’re snoozin, cah while i’m on stage doing shutdown your just outside cigarette twosin
blast from the past when i bun out ya chest like dro that’s harsh
them man are actin till i put them in a cast
i tell em first that the bad boy ting it won’t last
spittin crud in your smelly ol’ mask
you ain’t got that loud when the teles on blast
little b-tches don’t want me to get sh-lly in darg
blaze youts gettin hot in here like nellys on the dance
tryna get the belly on the regs, l!ckle beg friends tryna hit me celly with the text
see me winnin fam, i know that all me enemies are vexed
big dog you ain’t even in my pedigree or levs
man i got the remedy in check
so don’t get brave in the rave, if mans on stage it’s straight henny to the head but bun day, i ain’t tryna chase anything but bread cah
you know i got a l!ckle tan, you can never come take me for l!ckle man
see man with big hands, swivel man
tell a man straight for dem man, riddle man
i’m making paper, bottom to the top
know what i want cut out the middle man
them man there put it in their girl, they hold a giggle man put it in your wife, she’s like n-gga d-mn
in my bed where you babe laid, had to rip it, every time you hear my tune played, you have to skip it
came through with the game changer, had to flip it
bait ways, don’t really care if you ain’t with it
you ain’t got no power, make you ghost ina minute
big zuu, you can hold roast from a lyric
uber to your yard, man a coast in a civic
set pace then i go home and i bill it like get lifted, they ain’t gifted so it makes sense they ain’t got no spirit
and they restricted bring your drama get your script flipped you can hold heat like a sk!llet
oh what, you don’t make moves cah your frigid
oh what? another cold flow i got to fridge it
because mans to smooth your to rigid
try war, you don’t want a short life like a midget
know man are on it to the finish all my pagans, they straight get diminished
i got bruddas with sticks, that catch snitch like quidditch
find em in a field like kimmich
old school man’ll clamp man like visit, cut men out, you get dropped like snippet
we can swing it out it could be baseball or cricket
send you a&e that’s with a one way ticket
that’s with a direct invitation big zuu man are on inspiration
don’t care bout the youts on the insta hatin
there ain’t never been no risk i takin
get bare love for the hits i’m makin, see me in the headline you know lists are waitin
saw what i was cooking yeah, you missed the fragrance
got me to a level like the lift is breaking, why?
cah i’m making moves, i don’t care if your hatin zuu
man i start hottin up kids like real quick start blazing youts
fam we see bare gun fingers but there won’t be no raving crew
man have been one of the best i can’t lie it’s the blatant truth