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black bobby – best kept intro lyrics


yeah! its your boy black bob
welcome to black bobby’s best kept secrets

everybody, go: yeah!
square biz, go: yeah!

m-i-a, go: yeah!
d-m-v, go: yeah!
hip-hop, go: yeah!
east coast, go: yeah!
everybody, go: yeah! [x2]

i’m glad i made it. i’m glad you waited
award winning negro. know i graduated
from all the fakness. i’m a make them hate this
bloggers won’t post it so i’m a have to take this
i am on my odd future
trying to come in the game, they trying to mute ya
hey, young world hear my audition
bringing ya’ll that gladwell- i don’t write fiction
i’m still the black bill maher
got em looking at me hard like i’m in an ill car
all i do is spit major rhymes. ya’ll about the paper i’m
coming for the game and i’m running for your favorite i’m
black bobby- ya’ll don’t know my name yet
let 9 tracks spin, we gone go and change that
and i’m a go and get your change back
the game, yeah, we gone go and change that