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black bobby – black super hero lyrics


here i stand on the backs of a million
they died for our lives before we was children
some of us, we trying to make us a billion
own real estate, fancy cars and them buildings
i’m trying to build foundations like a seminole
and, stop the wars where they looking for the mineral
i ain’t really heard no truth in a minute, bro
and watch the rappers, they salute to they general
they talk sh-t when i holler bout freedom
its been a long time, somebody got a feed them
i ain’t in the kitchen cooking nothing but soul food
i fry your egg like your brain on dro, dude
and, i ain’t ron reagan. i ain’t saying you should say no. i’m saying: take it
you got to master your high. open your eyes. see this b-st-rd is fly

i think i’m malcolm little. think i’m dubois
think i’m vonnegut. i’m the new freud
think i am the leader. leader of the people
got d-mn, i’m a black superhero
i’m a black superhero
i’m a black superhero

i think i’m malcolm little, red head in beantown
for ya’ll to be down, had to catch my beat down
i ain’t king kong. i ain’t coming for your white girl
she came to see me. she staying for the night, girl
so, i’m a p-ss them all off. and, i’m a talk large till a n-gga hauled off
the feds looking for me, they hoping i fall off
malcolm at the window, i’m holding the sawed off
i’m popping to my people: they hoping we fall off
i’m talking from my steeple, i’m holding them all off
i hit them, slice them with the hanzo sword
black bob show how the the rhymes go, boys
i’m a be myself. never tried to be no felon
i ain’t got no time for cutting watermelon
i am all in they face for a public n-gga moment
boondocks bob got a sucker rapper on it


i think i’m martin luther. please say the junior
i’m coming soon, son. this is not a rumor
rhymes divine. i spit history, fools
i sound like i’m schooled in them mystery schools
sound so egyptian when i be flipping
flawless precision like i am a hitman
i been on the list, man. now i’m on top of that
stop it, cat. you can’t see me less you copy cat
i am the captain of the navy
and, the blazer’s still navy
n-ggas, raise your cups up. hope you drink well
youngan, i am famous on the f-cking inkwell
i was out the vineyard while ya’ll was writing lies down
i’m in the booth now. yeah, chop your pies now
they all simpletons
they wishing for my end. they sounding like many men