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black bobby – coming soon lyrics


d-m-v, coming soon!
m-i-a, we coming soon!
square biz, coming soon!
and black bob coming soon!

what i’m gone spit here is amazing
and every girl i meet in the club- blazing
she half black. uh, maybe half asian
would you mind on this occasion if i call you blasian!?
and, i ain’t really patient
living my dreams. i’m about to catch the nation
they sleep. we grind. i be on my grind mode
climbing all the time. the top is on my mind, jo
i don’t slow down for my haters
they giving me steam. they doing me favors
every time i catch a little hate up in the papers
i write a hit that’s bound to wake the neighbors
hear the b-ss go, hear the beat kick
went to harvard, but i am on my street sh-t
so elite kid when i write a rhyme down
i go dumb, baby. i be out my mind now

all the bad jonts, all the bad chicks
hit the floor, baby. show me all your magic
and, when i walk in with a bomb thing
everybody know i’m coming soon like lebron’s ring
and, i’m rollin w/ a prom queen
we hooking up, i ain’t talking don king
when i walk in with a bomb thing
everybody know i’m coming soon like lebron’s ring

all the bad jonts, all the bad chicks
hit the floor baby, show them boys your magic
i’m in the bar pop-popping with a shorty, jo
my game mean kinda large like a 40 o[z]
kicking like the world cup. cousin, cuff you girl up
i ain’t going to take it but i sure looked at the girl’s b-tt
so disrespectful, messing with this red bull
ya’ll could get a neck full. better send my check full
i am on wings. i’m flying up the charts now
bobby sense is tingling. i’m talking peter park now
oh, i shut the park down. they banned my crossover
i guess major blazer had them bammas sauced over
my ability. you haters is k!lling me
funny style youngans, stop looking and grilling me
i am black bobby. the one that j dilla chose
ya’ll looking sloppy wearing j dilla clothes


fire in the hole! i’m coming for u bammas
they all amateurs and they posing for the camera
i am such a vet, i got the game sick
i’m talking bron james, i ain’t talking mike vick
a three-headed heat-peat. ya’ll see defeat, b
now you on one knee asking for sympathy
you will get no empathy. i am your sun zu
i cut an mc head off clean in one move
eat an mc greasy. want no part of dc
live in miami. u bammas can come and see me
find me on miami ave chilling with a hipster
she got short shorts, lip gloss up on her lips, cuz
i am mike larry. spit harder than william
no ghostwriters, hip-hop sn0bs gone feel him
this is just the real him. i don’t use no real pen
and i chief harder than slim with the ill brim