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black bobby – in the bag (bonus) lyrics


you can’t roll a blunt to this one
you got to, you got to roll a j
just going to reflect a little bit
take you back
back before i was rapping
its black bob

back back when, back when i was a little kid
how come i always thought i was a little idiot?
we ain’t born with all the things we need to make it here
you build from the ground, past the clouds until its clear
i see the wind blow by in my dreams now
cause life has slowed down, i’m on my own now
i got a team of them bizzies on the roll now
and next up we gone take it on the road- wow
we gone blow a whole gang of dro now
and stay together like a mole because i hold down
all my people from the day one club
they had the day one bub, in the day one club
i remember my first rap in high school- i went weak
i ain’t know the words, i could hardly speak
but, now i go hard and my flow is so hard
i got it in the bag just like my goyard

i am shooting toward the future
i got something that will suit ya
buck it, i go hard
i flex and i bogard
its tucked in my goyard
i am riding on a higher plane
i got something they desire, man
buck it, i go hard
i flex and i bogard
its tucked in my goyard

i was one of the top dons at the hub of the nation
i don’t never talk god. just in love with the nation
a millennial player, ill rhyme sayer
‘ye dropped out, i dropped out of being mayor
i am so impatient, watch me catch the nation
a little something that’s more tasty than bacon
i been throwing her signs like i was a mason
her face so blazing, her body amazing
i am the chocolate boy from the city of hope now
the city of dreams, obama gone hold down
i box with these rappers. look, i go the whole round
they styles all moldy and they looking quite old now
i got em all retiring
why don’t they all call me sire then?
back in the 90’s i would really admire them
if i was they boss now i’d really fire them