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black bobby – look to the future lyrics


[verse 1]
i tried to show em on my first joints

i hardly cursed once

i tired to matter and factor maybe rehe-rs-d once

they only listen to rappers who spit division who

i’m trying to bring us together so check the weather

it’s a summer breeze blowing over here bro here bro

still trying to be a super hero hero

i done put really in years bro years bro

suffered through the tears bro tears bro

you know i managed. was writing while i was manic

depressession gets the best of you messing with your advantage

turn manage to advantage and give em something to listen to

put my life in my raps so people could see my vision too

look to the future cuz this a new world

and stand up real proud like showing off a new girl

this ain’t fake news you know i lay the facts down

you better back down trying to mess with black now


look to the future

we got to

look to the future

you better

look to the future

we got to

look to the future

you better

look to the future

we got to

look to the future

you better

we got to

we got to

we got to

[verse 2}
we ain’t got hover boards yet. we opened doors yet?

i only like it brand new. i don’t want the floor set

i’m trying to speak to those who still love the 90’s

but still rep the future i’m rhyming so get behind me

this is leadership we don’t need a ship or a boat

time for me to flip out me in your whip on the road

i’m a talk about how they vote for hillary, k!lling me

no convictions just doing it for the pictures

or maybe even worse they doing it for the riches

no matter what your fit is this getting kinda ridiculous

they took out bernie with some flam super delegates

and said we don’t get it because we’re not too intelligent

message is so irrelevant running just for the h-ll of it

no connection to the future so what you trying tell a kid

and i’m a look the future and raise some h-ll in here

we talk facts over here you can tell they fear


[verse 3]
what i’m get get get get giving them

rhymthym and something different and

and when i get get to flipping it’s really gone get me whippin

and then you gone see me dippin in something you really feeling

the feeling is so much healing i’m building it for my children

the fellas be so amazed. women they try to play

when you hear what i sah say: it ain’t fah fah fah fah fake

i just get get get it cracking the macking be so immaculate

when you see me stacking the actors will be so accurate

i’m thinking taye diggs. you know he my favorite

the black is so flagrant. i hope i’m gone make it

these are phat kid tendencies tend to be a ten mc

who wrecks from here to tennessee. did it like a kennedy

the enemy no friend to me so frienemies get friend-a-ly

bound to be around i’ll be in and out your town i’ll be