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black bobby – u street chillin lyrics


hey, jo, i’m glad you decided to ride the metro with me
you know i couldn’t have you come all the way to dc and not come to u street, jo
i mean, who does that? who comes to dc and don’t go to u street
anyway, hold on to the handrail, we gonna step off the train and i’ma show you exactly what’s up
(doors opening)

[verse 1]
ayy, jo, i’m on u street chillin’
sperry top-siders, every top model
everybody know when larry drop, holla
yup, you might find me at next door
all the jonts know i’m the one to check for
pink shirt, black panther on my chest boy
big flirt, swag make ’em break they neck, boy
jaywalkin’, look both ways
got people jive spillin’ out the doorways
got brothers jive checkin’ out them shorties
i’m uptown, yeah we talking black broadway (ayy, ayy)
pearl bailey, duke ellington
renaissance, restaurants what you smellin’, young?
i was raised choc city, what you telling him?

i’m on u street chillin’
i’m on u street chillin’
i’m on u street chillin’

[verse 2]
yup, the native has returned
checking on the youngins, i’m seeing they ain’t learned
posted on the corner, i’m seeing they cain’t earn
must have been their parents, i’m seeing they ain’t stern
yup, but i’m still up in my foams though
i was on those in the 90’s out in moco
know my crossover went hard ’cause it’s homegrown
bammas try to sweat it, but i ain’t trying to jone, jo
yup, i got them fakin’ like hands up
lead talker, whole crowd put your hands up
in this mug cold cranking while the band pump
d-m-v, now go ahead and stand up
got the shorties goin’ hard in the d-mn crowd
got the youngins, cole rollin’ up the d-mned loud
in my blood, yeah, i had it since a d-mned child

i’m on u street chillin’
i’m on u street chillin’
i’m on u street chillin’

yup, now this goes out to everybody that didn’t know
dc is more than just beltway insiders and the white house and all that sh-t
yup ha-ha, yup
make your way to u street, jo
don’t act like a bamma though (ha-ha, yup)
(snare drum)