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black bobby – we can make it lyrics


everybody sing this part

sing this part



everybody sing






[verse 1]
we all have dreams we making some better plans

like how you meet a dope girl and want to be a better man

why every white dude tell you to quit your job

follow your dreams young boy you won’t miss your job

so if daddy pay us rent and you ain’t that successful

we ain’t the same home boy my life is stressful

we fly without a safety net our secrets safely kept

we all underdogs cause we haven’t safely made it yet

we roll with out a plan b. so what’s your plan b

run up on the system till the system understands me

and i’m a roll with kourt kardan b

and i’m a jump in right in front exactly where the fans be

live my life everyday p-ssing of the klan b

i’m a holler loud so the folks can under stand me

this my plan b d-mn the labels can’t stand me


[verse 2}
i love it when a plan comes together

whether you like my singles or all the songs all together

from phat kid tendencies to best kept secrets

did it fresh sneakers put forward my best features

for all of my best teachers let’s put in in test theaters

see how the crowd reacts when ya boy flips the facts

and even if i never blow i’m k!lling it every show

and i know i did it right you can even let your betty know

when i started spitting ppl said yeah i bet he blow

let the confetti go and if u like it let me know

we can make it all y’all that think you’re n-bodies

i made this whole record no cussing and no bodies

to my mentors i’m so sorry i couldn’t just stay there

and wait for my chance until i had grey hair

now i’m on the boat sending ripples of hope yup