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black ceezar – livin thru lyrics


brainiac dumb dumbs bust the scientifical
survivor surviving the bullsh-t i’m livin thru
conditions is pitiful
trying to find a better position is critical
it got me sitting indian style, eyes closed in my living room
with self hatred
my keep it real aspect got me feeling complacent
stagnant, faceless
face it
this track right here a’ll be my facelift
and even when you face him
you still recognize that he’s not what your base is
i’m far from that basic sh-t
it’s premium platinum
he’s more than a rapper
it’s more than just cars and broads and plaques that i’m after
and after i’m gone and my soul drifts
you can let your kid’s kids get ahold of this
and say he’s so sick
i’m so sick
it’s like an epidemic plague spreading through a third world country
going through the struggle yet i live comfy
i understand the social ladder of having poverty be a part of genetics,
being poor
racial discrimination was always in play across the board
it affected my father’s father
not my mother’s father
cause he was a part of
group of west indians who came from the islands to the v
and you ask about me, and you ask about me