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black child – night life lyrics


[ intro kane-o]
yo black it’s time
talk to the people man

[black child]
silence is golden
duct tape is silver
yeah, word to god
uhh huh
black child
silence is golden
duct tape is silver
let’s go motherf-ckers!
y’all ready?

hook {kane-o]
we gonna do what we do
we gonna live life
you only get one so gonna live it right
champagne gl-sses
lights camera action
n-gg- we some stars you see the camera flashin
dis the night life
gl-sses in the air
this the night life leaving money everywhere
this the night life and this is how we live it
hands in the air (uh huh)
if you drunk and you feel it
this the night life

[verse one black child]
this is for who work all day and club at night
for y’all selling hard white that had a hard life
for my people that party at all the after hours
sisters stripin for tips n-gg-s twistin up the sour
the money and the power
the p-ssy and the pourder
have some poppin perks partying at all the consent hours
mommy got a bodie [?]
the party after the party have it poppin to the day light
my money on my ice bright [?]
got good heart but i strong arm anybody that’s trying to harm me
on god’s team he got an army i keep the weapon on me
2 steppin up in the party twistin up that bob marley
[?] and you know i stay with a bottle like a baby
it’s mrblackchild on twitter if you follow
i’m too high to tweet we gonna party until tomorrow


[verse two black child]
[?] have a n-gg- in the zone we don’t know how we made it home
choking on the strong
all night long
but we still got the energy when it’s time to perform
i don’t know if it’s the liquor
the loud or the crowd
but the late night and b-tches will turn a n-gg- out
we went from bottles of beer to parties in the tangler
landin in the leer puttin kush in the air yeah
the way i be livin every night be different
some n-gg-s run the graveyard shift in the kinshin
some n-gg-s pimpin that white girl missin
every night off the project b-tches
when you make the feds investigate us
cut you hand off when you touch the paper
yeah right now we celebrating
full time job showin love to haters
plus we got g.t vodka for the lideas
and you know i stay with a bottle like a baby
it’s mrblackchild on twitter if you follow
i’m too high to tweet we gonna party until tomorrow


[verse three kane-o]
nightlife gettin that roll on
no peels shown don i’m on 1 and i’m feeling guci
tell the dj to turn my mic on
my nights long but my day short
wanna see how long i can take the dope
i went so hard about a week ago
must have went to hard on the rolls mo
these bright lights and this loud music so hot
i’m about to lose it
imma slide out with a group of groupes
crazy how they all seemed all subdues me
i’m going in i’m backing up you only live once gotta live it up
i won’t let down i ain’t had enough
i wanna take a shot but have i had enough
this night life is my life
i blow stacks at least one a night
[?] that ain’t even it
it depends on what club i’m bout to hit
i flow straight i’m to legit
i get two [?] i don’t a brick
i got too many hoes imma need a clique
i got bricks on bricks i could throw the sh-t
i go hard like grondo have them [?] at my condo
i got bottles and bottles of the roll mo
my neck, my wrist, my ears
two one six to the six four four
33 o to the 44 o