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black countess – lesbian moon lyrics


clouds are parting giving the way to a full moon
its light – is a seeker for chosen souls
streaming like sweet wine from the bowl of skies
giving life to eternal temptresses – wh-r-s of shades

winged women – children of darkness, moon and s-x
you see their faces under the mask of night
they are beautiful

fullmoon erotica under their sweet languid moans
they perform their dance of seduction
chosen girl – walking under moon
they call you join their lesbian love

you fall for their temptation
and lay on the wet gr-ss
down among the opening orchids
the winged creatures round you
you feel their fingers fondle
your trembling body – they undress you

their queen throws off her black dress
she stays on the knees above your face
and you see her seductive s-xual hole

mistress’s laying upon you embracing your flaming thighs
and soon you feel how she licks your cl-toris
you also lick her c-nt and moan in -rg-sm

moon is lighting the orgy bewitching you
you unable to feel how their greedy mouths
sticking into your flesh
your pain seems sweet like wine, like s-x, like moonlight