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black countess – tempting by the cunt lyrics


having drawn aside the hairy boughs of firs
i saw silent doom of desolate cemetery and castle’s majestic ebony walls behind.
from the chronicle obtained. unknown author.

the endless dark p-ssages
of the derelict old castle’s catacomb
still let me straight to the desired aim
to the mysterious door
with the depiction of ornament
of six crossed bl–dy roses
to the door behind which lost and lonely
shadows of the dead hide

i open it with care and cross the mystic line
the fog spreads like a ghostly veil
i see the countess holding two gl-sses of red wine
in the dim light of candles full of s-xual bale
the wh-r- that calls me every night

“red s-xy lips of the vamp
black hair and languid look
slender body… her power and grace
pulling males into the depth of sweet dreams”

her desirous look tempts me
and i come to her like in a dream
p-ssing the exquisite dishes
laid on the royal table
the light veil falls down to the countess’ feet
naking her graceful body
and she holds out her hand to me
with one of the gl-sses full of wine

i drink and look at her legs her c-nt and smirking face
and soon all dim before my sight
i’m in half a sleep and i feel her clingy cold embrace
and enjoyable pain in my neck besides