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black dahlia murder – christ deformed lyrics


wolves beset this fallen church of blasphemy
orgies in blood shall deflorate its purity
defecate on the liars book of sick belief
no one shall be saved, the way to h-ll has here been paved

a din of stained gl-ss fragments
cut your flesh to the bone
baptized in black blood
hymen breached with a cross

children of your lord
s-m-n peppers their faces
we seek to distort
our kingdom shall come

rise, the dead burst forth from ancient tombs
the steaming bowels of seraphs violently strewn
h-ll is here, sermons backwards preach death and doom
flagellate and rape, blood let the pilgrims of their faith

drain them of their sanct-ty
perpetuate their tragedy
infect them with all our disease
mock his altar of deceit

with h-ll reborn
your christ be scorned

diabolic ritual open the portal to d-mnation
dark legions gathering for virtuous insemination
molest and sodomize deride the seed of god’s creation
impale the nazarene succ-mb to a spiritual inversion

in our unholy fathers disgusting house of shame
we revel in endless hatred burning so absolute
corrupting all who’d enter here surrender to darkness
we kneel to those no more who’d burden and beguilt

within these wretched walls a summoning proceeds
what form will manifest of this abysmal devilry
the children now are bleeding, we eunuchate his sons
to evil blood and fire this earth will soon succ-mb

with h-ll reborn
your christ be scorned
dead faith now torn
his love deformed