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black dre – angels in the outfield lyrics



who would’ve thought this turn me into an author
n-gg-s they wrote me off, now they writing me offers
my ogs new clubhouse is the coffin
death is just an illusion trust me i still call him
the sun sets you can bet i’m out still
i pray to god that i got angels in the outfield
cuz my demons working overtime these days and sh-t
trapped in the ghetto so you see amazing sh-t
i’m asking god to send somebody that still supports the vision
the energy you bring around is funny i can feel it
k!ll the beat until the homicide department feel it
i’m top top 5, but my city won’t tell you i’m the realest
djs, promoters, and anybody that f-cked us over
labels owners, now my cup runneth over
i came humble when i had to ask you n-gg-s for help
y’all denied at us the door so f-ck i did it myself
now its, “i’m proud i’m of you” and “congratulations”
“you really k!llin’ sh-t” and “dog, i knew you’d make it”
and now the tables turned and look we trading places
that’s what happens when you n-gg-s start to get complacent
never been the type to get tired and lean up off my shovel
forgetting everydays another battle with the devil
and never question my effort cuz i’m in tip top
climbing up the ladder, bet you still see the slipknot
and if my b-tch cheat, don’t trip cuz i’m a playa
get depressed for a month bounce back with zendaya
keep this 40 on my waist bare arms like gale sayers
see this picture ‘tween the lines this picture that i’m painting
see the clips is loaded and the techs is pointed
i pay my t-thes with my drug money, sh-t am i anointed?
i talk to god everyday i know he disappointed
conflicted in my mind but sad, cuz i still enjoy it
cuz i got angels in outfield
still dealing depression and the doubt still
and when you tryna make a dollar out of 15 cents living life it’s kinda hard to live without guilt
but i ain’t come for the fame or the bullsh-t i came for the money
writing songs is how i make these dark days turn sunny
barely smile these days cuz now sh-t ain’t funny
just know the truth is the only thing you get from me