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black dre – jesus of allentown lyrics


holy matrimony
you know just where i’m going
you know just how i’m flowing, since tilghman street
always took pride in my my sh-t and k!lling the illest beats
while y’all choose n-gg- who pops pills
k!lling me softly, the feeling is awful, i gotta get off it
my hands seeping in this bible
while you dumb n-gg-s praising these false idols
got 12 prophets besides you
but one gon tell them people to crucify you
look i ain’t sh-t but a young ashy kid
that just spent his last dollars on a european trip
if i die before i’m 33, im allentown’s jesus
my words needed gotta free the people
baptized in champagne
dipped in some wine
spain for the wristw-tch but this a different time
first you gotta get her name then you get in her mind
best believe that’s way deeper than your d-ck in her spine
my hair like wool
sitting in that car so cool
with some low tops vans that was whiter than snow
holiest garments
throw on my joggers
hitting the road
then i take my people to the top of the globe
the humblest n-gg-
muhammad when i’m rumbling n-gg-
oh wait i got you thinking now
the irony in that will get the wrinkles out
i’m sinking now, walked on water
rapping like i got an unborn daughter
i did the debt and i did the credit
i did the access card, i gotta hit the exit
i gotta be a good man i gotta show em better
and keep my foot on necks, i got a different fetish
so the time you hear this i’ll be somewhere in dr
yelling at the m-ssaue because she rubbing me wrong
y’all talk a lot of big money but i never see y’all
would you rather catch a sin or a felony dog?

come to me my son i can lead you teach you the way
how long is take to get rich? not a couple of days
praise god praise the p-ssy, praise the money, praise jesus
when i got my first nut i was listening to yeezy
can you tell me good morning?
my youngin got some brain to why me?
go on then, aye do your thing young playa
if sleep is the cousin of death we all stay up
these girls shots at the pregame they all layups

i told my ex my dreams and she didn’t give a d-mn
now my my only goal is to make her kids my biggest fans
got d-mn
liquor spilling in spots where homies was shots
f-ck that dog we buying the block

how could you hate me dog i’m getting god’s blessings?
living reckless, gotta respect it, i got your message
n-gg-s saying my songs got the same message
my reply to that
f-ck your perspective
we back