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black dre – the recap lyrics


black dre:
the tape is finished
my pen still glidin’ the page
this music’s my only voice
the words i’m tryin’ to say
or get out
i hear a beat then spit out
deep emotions like i’m hanging from the world
and rope is the kick
the snares be the chair and sh-t
that’s real deep, do you get it?
if so, let’s run along
i’ll write you poems
i’ll sing you songs about what’s really going on
and not that bullsh-t on the radio
my phone rang, i got a call a couple days ago
you thanked me for my project
i said appreciate you
then i sp-ce back to the projects
on days when i would barely talk, i used to smile less
cuz pops never picked up the phone he used to dial less
that’s right around the time i started penning my feelings
every line that was written bought your boy some more healing
every bar was a bandage
every stanza’s a candle
punchlines knocked me out, laying out on the canvas
looking up at the stars
big, pac, and nas
see them dreams of being jigga just seemed so far
now them miles is like inches away
them n-gg-s balling, and i’m on the bench itching to play
the michael jordan’s
see i make my own beats these days i’m berry gordy
beat the beat up til it’s sorer
turn this honda to a foreign
i was working early morning
nights when i was h-rny
talkin to this little shorty
in this bed on the cordless phone
tryna lose virginity
the waiting game was k!lling me
we went from drinking quarter waters to the hennessy
we was playing with cap guns
now they gon the real thing
dog we use to just k!ll time
now we just k!ll things
d-mn the clock is burning
as the world is turning
i was just 17, now i’m almost 30
where does the time go? where does my mind go?
what if the tree dies, does the vine grow?
but shoutout to my n-gg- dialing my digits
you said my new sh-t changed your life
to tell the truth that’s the reason why i sit and write
let’s me know that life is hard, but we gon be alright
cuz why me he me naked with no one to clothed me
how i got so friends but n-body knows me?
put me back in that room writing, i was lonely
i’m thinking maybe 01′, 02′, or 03′