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black gwaluh – fkk em freestyle lyrics


[intro: black gwaluh]
chasethemoney, chasethemoney
black gwaluh

[verse 1: black gwaluh]
catch a p-ssy n-gg- lacking, do that n-gg- down bad
b-tch, i’m 59 brim, we don’t do no white flag
n-gg- go against the gang, it’s gon’ be a toe tag
run down, burn a n-gg- broad day, no mask
big -ss chopper on me, glock 20, red flag
black gwaluh put that p-ssy in that f-cking black bag
10 f&ns, riding with some lightskin [?]
red tip same color as my money and my b-tch
out the bag, hit the shot and let that trap stick hit
get to dumping .308s and watch that n-gg- [?]
he ain’t no gangster, he a b-tch, that boy bandana took his sh-t
these n-gg-s always talking gangster ’til there’s k!llers at their crib

[verse 2: bigsmokechapo]
i heard these n-gg-s say they gangster ’til i saw his -ss at [?]
slide down on ’em at the red light, get to dumping [?]
big glock on my hip with a f-ckin’ extended mag (glock)
i’m still posted in them trenches with them young n-gg-s taking [?]
[?] fn with a flue tip
leave your -ss whacked tryna play with this sh-t
mini drac on me and that b-tch got kick
spent 12 hundred on my godd-mn kicks
spent five hundred on a godd-mn glock (glock)
big backwood, four grams of dead opps
rich slime gang get a n-gg- knocked off
play with this sh-t and this sh-t gon’ cost, b-tch