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black gwaluh – skuffle story lyrics


hudda, hudda, hudda, everything gwaluh
yeah, yeah, yeah
whoop, everything motherf-cking gwaluh, hudda

[verse 1]
all my b-tches bad, them hoes got instagram clout (yeah)
i’ll pull up on your b-tch, i bet she’ll give me the mouth (yeah)
everything gwaluh serving straight out the south (you know it)
what you need, lil n-gg-? come and get it right now (come on)
i got zips, i got pounds and you know i got more
if you need it, lil bro, then you know i got blow
(go, go, go, go, go)
i got [?] too, not just girls raised in the south
even though that’s how i like [?] you know they [?]
nah, for real, everything gwaluh been off a pill (yeah)
nah, for real, everything gwaluh been to the cell
nah, for real, everything gwaluh been through h-ll
i ain’t doing sh-t with you ’cause your -ss gon’ tell (snitch)
i done heard about you, n-gg-, and you phony as h-ll (b-tch)
heard you went to jail but then got right out of jail (these n-gg-s p-ssy)
nah, for real, the rest of your partners is doing some years
nah, for real, for h-lla felonies and you got a p-ss (what the f-ck?)

what the f-ck? where they do that at?
man, hold up, man, this ain’t about me, though
this—this—this about skuffle, man, skuffle story (whoop)
(free the homie skuffle, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop)
(hudda, hudda, hudda, hudda, hudda, whoop)

[verse 2]
59 brim, we don’t tolerate snitches (whoop)
pull up on your block with the 40 extensions (hudda)
everything gwaluh leave and give you some st-tches (yeah)
pull up, n-gg-, you know all y’all b-tches (yeah)
i heard y’all n-gg-s was set tripping (what’s up?)
me and my bros, we the kings of set tripping (what’s bracking?)
we gon’ pull up on your block, i don’t care if you blood or cuz (nah, for real)
we gon’ let that thing go and we don’t give a f-ck
nah, for real, i heard you telling on my bro, you gotta go
nah, for real, i heard you n-gg-s really snitching on the low
you said you serving blow but, n-gg-, i heard that you sniffing blow
(go, go, go, go)
you don’t got that sh-t for sale, you know you using that dope, ayy

[outro: everything gwaluh & southsidesmoke]
everything motherf-cking gwaluh, man
i don’t got time to play with these f-ck n-gg-s, man
nah, for real, nah, for real
this is godd-mn everything gwaluh, man
just letting y’all n-gg-s know what the f-ck bracking with me, man (whoop)
southside sh-t, nah, whoop, you know what i’m saying?
gang in this b-tch (hudda), we in riverdale right now, n-gg-
on [?] right now, n-gg-, you know what i’m saying?
for real