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black mike – the shakeback (freestyle) lyrics


i used to be a baller
nigga really had hoop dreams;
got a taste a money so now a nigga got dope dreams
i started with a half a ounce until i got the whole thing
gotta stay focused mike & stay up in your own lane
i’m all about my paper
tired of collecting pocket change;
play with me wrong
& imma put change on your brain
i’m trying to get the block rocking
b-tch i been had shit poppin’;
gotta be a -sshole to think i ain’t got cash flow
platinum credit cards & i still keep a bank roll;
i’m losing my mind, i’m faded off this good smoke
my b-tch tripping, so i let go of the hoe
you got a pistol, but you don’t know how to use it though;
you ain’t gon’ squeeze
you ain’t gon’ pull the trigger bro;
you was running like a snotty nose
i caught you on camera ,no amber cole;
nigga tried to change my flow
but i’m still going though;
if you woke up broke
you shouldn’t have went to sleep last night
i go to sleep comfortable like a first cl-ss flight
i’m doing all this wrong knowing that it ain’t right;
doing what i gotta do
so quit worrying bout my life;
took a hit & lost all the bands
waiting on a nigga to put that pack up in my hands;
knowing imma come off it so that sound like a plan
my hoes ain’t my hoes and my niggas ain’t the same;
smiling in my face but nigga it ain’t a game
if you thought it was all good then that’s a f-cking shame;
cause when finesse your -ss you gon’ be feeling played
the funny thing is black mike gon’ always be the same;
i’ll never be a lame & that’ll never change
had to put my pride aside cause it hurt inside;
every night i wonder why i told the lies and tried to hide
ain’t see eye to eye
so that mean goodbye;
i gotta shake back, i’m talking real fast
grind hard , & run them bands
solo shit ,this shit real
never crumble
nigga i don’t feel fear;
big brother told me never trust hoes
and you know how that shit goes
my trust level on zero
& me loving you?
b-tch you sleep hoe
b-tch you sleep hoe
b-tch you sleep;
who you thought it was?